Donnerstag, 12. April 2012


It's 22:13 and I'm an idiot. I'm singing Bach and Hartog's warm ups as I'm writing this. I hate my stupid self-discipline. Every normal person would be either in bed or fooling around with drunk girls in a bar by now, but not me ... got another job a couple of days ago. I'm reproducing loops for the "yourockguitar", which I have to admit is actually a cool thing. It's this MIDI-hybrid between guitar-hero and an e-guitar.

So I reproduced 3 loops this afternoon, right after writing another 6 pages for the Bachelor script, right after 2 hours of conducting myself into oblivion in front of 15 people. The course is usually empty, but they must have sniffed somehow that I was unprepared today, so they were suddenly all alive with the sound of music. I love it when they frown and look at me as if I was gonna do a full naked-body-strip in front of them.

I conduct them and when I slow down, they slow down, so I slow down so they can catch up with me and I think you see where this is going...

So what else is going to happen this evening? I'm gonna write a 2 page and 8 voice choir piece. That's right, I have to write it tonight or else I won't get feedback from Dolf on it, before conducting it in front of 50 people next thursday... but conducting simply went brilliant today, so there's really no reason why it shouldn't go magnificent next week...


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