Samstag, 28. April 2012

And then I woke up

 Somewhere on this planet there has to be the perfect musician. He wakes up every morning, content and happy, with an iron self-discipline of practicing. When he goes on stage he never gets too excited and no matter how stressed his life his, he always plays perfectly. He always plays in front of the right audience and every single person in the entire room loves him, even though he doesn't need their approval. His first stage performance was amazing, as was his second, as was his third .... his career goes on without interruption, his reviews have never been less than splendid. He succeeds on every step of the way, never looking back, never weak, always in time, always on time, always with a great stage setup.

The perfect producer takes him under his wings and produces the perfect album, with other perfect musicians and they'll go on a perfect tour, and every single concert on this tour, is going to be amazing for every single person that watches the show. After the perfect tour, they'll try a new style that everyone loves as well, even though it is completely different. And while rehearsing, touring and performing, the perfect musician finds enough time to relax and enjoy every second  of his life. He's never down, he's always up for playing. He's been born with it, from the second he first started, to the minute he went on stage, he never fucked up even once, and there was nothing that he had to try especially hard for, because he was perfect from the very beginning.


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