Samstag, 7. April 2012


It should be a chore, right? But it's not - it's like singing Bach inventions. I love writing inventions and fugues. In my head they are like temples and labyrinths, every line is symbolizing a wall, a path, a pillar. I'm still a little kid inside and writing these fugues is like playing in a sand box.

You can change the direction, turn the entire room upside down, paint the walls black and hide a door in it's reflection. You can create towers and walls made of mirrors, while building even more complex structures. Bridges can spin and turn, some doors are open, others are locked.

Sometimes late at night, when I'm really drunk and have a lot of dirty thoughts - Don't tell anyone!!! - I take a sheet of paper - Really don't tell anyone! - and I construct a 4-way imitation fugue theme.

I think this makes me a little bit weird....


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