Montag, 9. April 2012

Enter The Void

A 160 minute long meditation on death and reincarnation. This film describes in vivid detail every part of the transmigration process as understood in Buddhist teachings. A drug dealer in Tokyo gets shot by the police, dies, leaves his body and transmigrates to a new one. The film ends when he lays his head on his mother's stomach after being born.

It starts with the dealer getting shot, it's long, it makes you dizzy, it will make you throw up at least once, and the flashes and lights may blind you in the end. But it's a masterpiece. A REAL masterpiece. A masterpiece that earned 1,25% of it's original budget at the box office. Imagine that .... 1,25%.

There's a director that not only understands the process of transmigration in every little detail, but he's also able to turn it into a movie for the whole world to see...explaining the mind-stream after death in a completely coherent, natural, way... and then nobody watches it.... I don't know if I should laugh or cry, because it is too ridiculous to think about it.

Every detail is perfect, down to the confusion and distortion that the consciousness (is supposed to) face when it remains in the Bardo for too long.

I hear of many Buddhists that don't believe in reincarnation. They should watch this.... Reincarnation does not only become very logical and natural .... it almost seems boring... maybe that's why the movie didn't make any money.

I guess reincarnation can be very boring. I have to be careful not to turn into a Buddhist fundamentalist though... do they even exist?


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