Freitag, 13. April 2012

Jobs, Guitars, Plugins & Loops

I was asked to write another piece for 16 trumpets for a festival. Apparently it's a paid gig and it sounds kind of cool. I worked on a couple of loops today and I'm starting to really love it... I chose 4 Lyn's "Lyn" as my reference track for a good band sound:

I used to scream to this song in my poolhouse back home. The studio version has a much deeper mix than the youtube video...

I spent another 700 Euros on "Wave plugins" today... I still have no idea, why this software is so expensive, but it's almost impossible to crack with all this i-lok stuff and you need it to master tracks and give your mix this last glimmer. Unbelievably expensive - but with the money I made this month, I can afford it.

After singing Bach I found myself staring at a pencil for 10 minutes without doing anything... I think this is not a good sign. I keep listening to "Wednesday Morning" all day. I love the sound and the song itself, even though nothing is happening in it... maybe that's the reason why I love it. Dolf already asked me why I kept it so "neat and clean" and that some people might conceive it as boring...

Not much else to say though. Life is good, Money's good.

Things could be a lot worse.


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