Montag, 30. April 2012


The track is enormous, a thousand voices screaming, yelling, talking, whispering... thoughts rushing through every mind, every idea is new, fresh and hungry. The beats are hammering away, numbing every nerve; all is excitement and ecstasy. And here I am, wishing I could mute the master channel.

I cover this town with an equalizer. First I filter out every frequency below 100 Hz and the bass of my neighbour disappears. Then I filter out all the high frequencies and the enthusiastic screaming of every party girl looses it's shrillness in the process. Then I put a compressor on every voice in the city and the yelling, wooing and shouting turns into a soft caress. I like the mix this way, it's very calm, soothing even. Maybe I should add a little reverb; not too much though. Maybe a medium-sized, dry concert hall.


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