Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Mad Dog

Sometimes remembering a dream can have it's downsides... this became evident to me while I was heaving my backpacks and bags from one end of the city to the other. I missed the first train, then the second. I thought about getting to the airport with a taxi, but all the drivers were gone. The hot summer air heavy on my shoulders, I was desperately looking for a way to the next subway station.

All around me people were having sex; on the streets, on the balconies, in their cars... I wasn't even turned on, I just really wanted to get to the subway station. I thought about leaving some of my suitcases and backpacks behind, but they were too important. The smell of sweat mingling with the hot damp summer air kept creeping into my nose. A couple in the alley beside me kept looking at me, while they were going at it like hounds. The big black guy especially. I couldn't care less, I was too tired.

A dusty grey hammock hung between the buildings. I climbed up the ladder and left all bags behind me (except my backpack) and let myself fall into the hammock. My arms wrapped around a heavy piece of luggage I tried to forget the moaning and screaming all around me. I looked down at the couple. "They wouldn't believe me even if I told them what I saw here..." I took out my cellphone and recorded the whole thing.

At first something just seemed odd and I didn't know what it was. Then I saw two pairs of black knuckles wrapped around a rung. "Check out this fucking guy?! Hey, check him out! He's filming us, the little fucker!" I hid the cellphone, but there was no way to get out of here, since the hammock was swinging heavily and the way down was considerably high.

To assure you, this dream is not ending with me getting corn-holed by a black guy.

"Mad Dog" as he called himself screamed at me franticly. All around me I could see crowds of people gathering around this ridiculous scene, yelling at me as well. And why wouldn't they, I'm the sick creep, making videos of people screwing each other.
"You want to fly? You want to fly?" He kept shaking the hammock. I didn't really know what to say, except for "No" - but that had less effect on him than saying nothing at all. Suddenly he said: "You know, if you're nice to mad dog, mad dog can be nice to you..."
I jumped.

I landed on concrete. As I was limping my way through the cursing crowds, I couldn't believe my own eyes: The subway station! Clumsily I heaved the backpack over my shoulders and ran, as much as that was still possible. "One minute left, 50 seconds left, 40 seconds left ... I can see the train! Yes! No! My other stuff! Shit!" I didn't care, I went for it anyway ... and just when I got to the door... SLAAAAM.


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