Donnerstag, 5. April 2012


"Come on! It'll be fun!" She's moving a little closer towards him and innocently touches his arm. "We're all going along, it's gonna be soooo crazy!" He's checking out one of the other girls. With a frown on his face he's trying to make up an excuse and then suddenly his expression changes...

"Alright. Count me in."

They cheer and the girl up front hugs him. One minute later nothing has really changed. He's still the same guy and the girls are now busy with somebody else. However he is now part of the "ArtEZ flashmob". For weeks there have been posters in the ArtEZ and one girl is desperately trying to recruit as many students as possible. This blunt approach now sets people off running into the other direction as soon as they hear the word "flashmob".

What they did in 2010:

This made me think... how do you get people to join an event without forcing them? Maybe it's the posters... there isn't a space of wall in the ArtEZ left, that isn't covered. We get emails via the ArtEZ-mail system: "Would you please tell me if you'll join or not?!" Questionmark + exclamation mark. My favourite.

My face is posted on every ArtEZ board as well... on the 2nd of June there's a concert with other songwriters in Nijmegen and I'll present six songs of the album there... in all likelihood the place is going to be packed, but even if it wasn't... I wouldn't mind playing for 2 people that really listen instead of advertising franticly to 200 people.

I guess you could call it a non-commercial approach.


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