Freitag, 27. April 2012

Morning People

A tornado of thoughts and ideas, swarms of music and sounds, and around 10:00 am I wake up to a silent room. Nothing changed, my room was silent the entire time, and yet something's different. I check my clock for the 3rd time, snooze on for the fourth time in a row ... after a while my self-discipline takes the upper hand and I get out of bed.

The night before I twisted parallel universes. Every choice we make causes a different reality to take place, but all possible realities exist on top of each other at the same time.I redreamed the day before and did everything different, resulting in an apocalyptic, chaotic, nightmarish rollercoaster. I will never understand why people do heavy drugs...  all you have to do is close your eyes for a while and suddenly you have a brother you never met, and get chased by a SWAT unit.

I finished the guitars for the yourockguitar yesterday; they just need some minor adjustments and I'm done. 1 production down, 4 to go. It was definitely worth to invite Chris. I have to admit that I envy "morning people" a ltitle. They seem to jump out of bed and rush towards their day, always with a song on their lips... I should do the same and turn up some music.


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