Montag, 16. April 2012

No Need To Argue

Yesterday I finished the last chapter of my Bachelor study and I chose to write about this song. It caught me pretty unaware: at first I was just producing one of the loops for cliff, when I came upon a melody that sounded familiar...I always become obsessed with this stuff, so I tried a hundred different songs until I found the right one from the cardigans.

It must have been 10 years since i listened to it for the last time. My sister was still living at home and I loved to hang out in her room, because I enjoyed the smell of incence and the atmosphere around her. When I look around my own little studio today and smell the air I may have tried to recreate that sphere.

So I'm sitting here, listening to that song and it tears me into little bits and I realize that I could have as well written the whole study about the breeding behaviour of musicians, because there is simply no way you can explain which factors make a person cry during a song.

I have spent 7 months on this study. I actually found some factors that strengthen the emotional message of a song: Many instrumental insets, rhythmic deviations, suspensions, unexpected chord colours.... but none of them are in here. It may just be that Dolores O’Riordan doesn't need any of this crap, because her voice is powerful enough.

I guess how musicians procreate can also be an interesting subject in the future...


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