Montag, 30. April 2012


"During the 1890s, Fred Gaisberg ran the first recording studio and provided the closest approximation of production by guiding an opera singer closer or further away from a gramophone's horn to match the dynamics in the score. (Citation: Gronow and Saunio 1998, p. 8; Moorefield 2005, p. 1)."

I sometimes wonder at what time period in history it was easier for a musician to flourish. A thousand years ago you either played at taverns and if you were lucky you got your meal for the day, or they cut your balls off to sing in a church choir. I wonder what kind of beverage Desprez consumed while writing his "Missa Pange Linuga". They had books as big as people back then...

I'm remixing an 8 minute aria for Dianne v. Giersbergen for the third day now. I split it into 3 parts, because the whole thing was way too big... this gives me a chance to really get everything out of each aspect of this arrangement. It has to sound great in the ArtEZ concert hall, because from what I hear, a lot of metal musicians and producers are going to be there.

2 down 1 to go, I can't figure out how to implement percussion or drums without it sounding cheesy...


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