Samstag, 14. April 2012

Universal Bad Days

Sometimes, when I go out to the conservatory I meet people on the way that seem to mimic my own mood. It may just be that when you have a bad day, your whole appearance changes and your effect on people is rather negative. But some days it seems, as if the whole city turned grey over night, leaving shadows underneath everyone's eyes...

What makes a day bad? I'm a perfectionist, so my days go bad, when I can't live up to my own expectations. This morning I listened to a loop I reproduced and I hated it, so I tried again and again to no effect. 3 hours and a Bach session later, I gave up and went out to buy food. Big mistake. Ever went shopping on a saturday round 4:00 pm? Nothing hypes your mood like a crowd of angry Dutch people, shoving and pushing their way to the check-out counter.

My day picked up, when I sat at home looking at de-motivational posters. I once heard that every great blog post should end with an advice, so here's mine:

Fuck work. Stay home, find something that makes you laugh and go back to bed as soon as possible - It's the only way to go!


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