Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

4 notes in the 9th hour

E - F - G - A.

I just wrote 3 minutes of music with these 4 notes in less than an hour. I've been sitting here for at least 9 hours trying to fix a hole inside the brass piece for Pieter.... (I erased half of it because after careful consideration I decided that it sucked) and now it's not only fixed - I also found a motive and a build up for the end of the piece. I'm in heaven. E - F - G - A.... it's the little motive in the strings from the "Game of Thrones" title track... when you stick it into the brass section and let the other trumpets play the first half of the scale it works perfectly as a build up.... lead it downwards and imitate on the third and .... BOOOM....

- Composer exploded due to euphoria overload -


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