Freitag, 11. Mai 2012


I take a sip and then another. Silence, broken only by the sound of swallowing, cutting, drinking, chewing ... I take another sip. Since I find myself quite hungry, the bliss of eating let's my mind rest in a soothing emptiness. The sun is setting through the window, and deep dark storm clouds are gathering along the horizon. It's too warm for my taste, but I've gotten so used to the grey sky of Arnhem that this feels like a pleasant alternative.

Two guests: one came announced on time, the other unannounced one hour early. This is where the silence is coming from. I'm not used to making small-talk without alcohol and so I take another sip. 3 glasses of wine should do it. I remember how I loathed huge family gatherings when I was young. They used to squash and smash every fly, every insect on the table. My parents were like that; only our relatives did it excessively. That's why I tried to skip every reunion... Right now, I don't think reunions are so bad anymore as long as nobody is killing insects on the table.

Maybe I'm a fundamentalistic Buddhist... I found a bumblebee yesterday on the floor, inside the poolhouse. I tried to get her to fly, but she was too weak, so I laid some blossoms beside her, so she could get some nectar to get back her strength. In the end she was able to fly again.You can see why I have issues with people smashing insects.

Anyway, I'm on vacation.


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