Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012


His first hair, his first teeth, his first fingernails, his first toenails... I thought about it a lot today and I wish I could tell him that one day everything is alright and stay like this. But his first teeth are my first steps on a stage and every single day he grows up a little, even though he'll always stay a kid inside.

There've been so many first times in my life, I can't even remember half of them. At first you just see all these big people around you and you want to be like them .... later in life you try so hard to be nothing like be special and unique... first time you drive a car, first girlfriend, first job, first paycheck.... and it feels so normal, so natural. Nobody can tell you whether you're on the right track and sometimes the wrong course can feel so very right.

Watching him is amazing. But there's so much going on here... I'm an idiot for not coming here more often and for not taking breaks when I need them. I should do that more often.


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