Montag, 7. Mai 2012


''My hero...'', she says, as I wrap my coat around her. She doesn't know it yet, but I was not supposed to save her. As a matter of fact, things would have been a lot easier if I let her drown. I can hear her shiver through the deafening silence... this is not me, this is not me at all. I am a shadow, born somewhere behind a tree. I slept there for some time; my purpose was unclear. A blurry reflection keeps staring back at me from one of the frozen ponds.

Like a flash of light it hits me - It's a dream. I look around .... everything looks so real - the trees, the sky, the ground... every drop on her skin....glistening like a silver pearl. I remember what I dreamed before: Looking for a victim I was waiting behind a tree... as soon as I saw her I ... but then why did  I save her?

I wake up....too tired to move. I whipe the snow off my face and rush toward the kitchen. ''It's too cold, the water is frozen, you need to go outside and look for the girl. She might have something to drink... no wait ... Huhhh?" Still dreaming. Still sleeping. At this point I'm too curious to do anything else and I start to do one reality check after another. I check my clock: it says "5:45" which may very well be the correct time. I try to find a mirror somewhere inside the house to check my reflection and as I look into it, I only see blurry shapes. I throw a bottle against the wall and it shatters into a thousand pieces. Can the shards cut me, when I'm asleep? As it turns out ... they can. The cut feels cold....

I wake up... too tired to move. I clean the blood off my fingers to check the time on my cell-phone. It says: "5:45". Her feet are cold. "Time to wake up", she says and I agree.

It's time to wake up. But how?


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