Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

On Fire

It could be Munich, or Dublin.... maybe even Berlin. But none of these cities have a real beach. The sun is out and the streets are crowded with people pacing in every direction. Everyone's celebrating today, but I can't remember what the festival is about. I come from the beach... the ArtEZ musicians started a waterballoon fight. However the waterballoons were filled with honey instead of water, and I grew tired of it pretty fast. Earlier that day I met a girl I once had a crush on, but it was so long ago. Her teeth had gotten all yellow now and she had honey all over her face... her boyfriend was nowhere in sight.

I make my way through the city. As I pass by a great cathedral, I notice little booths on the side. Homeless people seem to be using them for shelter. One of them apparently built a vehicle out of a gravestone, a mannequin arm and a fake human head. He stuck a cigaret in the head's mouth and made it look as if he was giving the finger to everybody who passes him by. I walk on and hear a horrifying sound... like a flame thrower... a man with an orange sanitation suit holds it in his hands. What is he looking for? I watch him for some time .... he keeps looking at the buildings, at the sky.... a white dove gently lands on the pavement. The man with the flame thrower starts to drewl like a dog and sets it on fire in a mad inferno... I'm speechless....

I tell him to stop, I scream at him and rush towards the dove. Of course I'm too late and the poor thing is already long gone. The guy in the orange suit doesn't even notice me... I'm pissed off, I'm angry... as dramatic as it sounds, it almost seemed as if the sky wanted to put out the fire, because it started to rain in the meantime and the crowds desolved... I shove the remaining ones in front of me out of the way. They yell at me, they curse me, but I don't care. It's time to get back to the beach

The first thing I notice: They are beyond drunk. Laughing, partying screaming at each other... I hate loud noises and to make it short this party is not exactly low profile... the songs, the shouting, the smell of vomit and alcohol... it makes me want to throw up... I stumble towards the restroom with three girls following me.

"Please leave me be, please go back...I can't stand it"

But they force their way inside and push me back. The screaming, the yelling, the alcohol, the masses, the heat, the vomit, the fake smiles... I shove them away, like I did with the men at the mall and close the door behind me- the last girl stumbles and falls to the ground. The floor is red - screaming - but a different kind of screaming. The other two girls yell and hammer against my door. "What have you done, you sick freak?! Oh my god, she's bleeding! What have you done?" Like a beehive in danger the party swarms around me... they break in the door and tear me up to little pieces....

Just 8 minutes ago I dreamed this. This exact story. I took notice of it and wrote down some keywords of this dream during the first 40 seconds after I woke up, so that I could remember it. If you ever have a bad day and you have no idea why, your dreams may have a role in this.


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