Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012


With a big scarf wrapped around my neck I check one last time how I look: I look like shit. I'm still sick. Yesterday was better than the day before, today is worse and I have no idea why. I leave the house and head towards the Albert Hein to get some groceries. The sun is out and the city is alive wit the sound of rock music and laughter. Halfway I decide to pass the electronic store for a mini radiator, since my apartment has been freezing cold every morning and that turned out to be especially funny, ever since I got sick.

"Radiator? Are you kidding me?"
He looks at me as if I just offered him a blowjob - a mix of disgust and curiousity in his eyes. They still sold blowdryers so I thought they would maybe have some left...
"Those are season-dependent articles man! What do you need a radiator for anyway?"
Still shivering through my winter jacket and my thick scarf I answer:
"Well, to cool off."

I step outside into the sun. A smiling rabbi passes me by... I head out to the Albert Hein to find it closed until 12:00 am. I'm still not entirely familiar with all the Dutch holidays and so it happens that from time to time I make a useless trip down the street. Sometimes the uselessness of these trips is bearable, sometimes it's more complicated than that. I return to an ice cold apartment, without food or warmth. Ironically I still have enough stuff left to cook some warm food.


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