Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Through The City

I'm drunk and I'm lost. Hollow streets, dead lanterns and distant cheering... I don't even know where I am.... or where I'm going.... I stare at every roadsign I can find to guide me, but they are all gibberish. Dutch names and letters I've never seen before in my life. An old turkish woman passes me by; her face hidden under a headscarf. Crossing the street, walking from one building to the next and everything is accompanied by the massive techno bass from one of the Dutch soccer parties... they won 2:0 against Slowakia tonight... or was it yesterday? But why would they be celebrating today?

I'm standing in front of a field. I've never been so far outside of the city.... I know the Sonsbeek Park but I've been walking into the opposite direction... which is funny, there should be a gigantic river where I'm standing and not a field. The bass died a slow death on my way to the outskirts and all that's left is the chirping of the crickets. I'm going into the wrong direction.... but I don't care anymore. It's starting to rain.... the earth underneath my feet turns to mud. Just a little bit longer and I've reached the treeline....

From far away the city looks so peaceful. I haven't climbed a tree in years; I used to do that a lot more often when I was little and I was pretty good at it too. From up here everything seems "doable". I remember a line out of Nadya's "Psychosis 4:48": "Back to my roots." Funny that it doesn't say "Back to the treetop". The wind is a little stronger and colder up here, but it's nice.... the leaves keep the rain away and I can listen to the wind as it rocks me back to sleep.


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