Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

The White Paper Effect - 5 Tips

When I was little I loved drawing.... I painted castles and armies .... had a sort of medieval theme going. Everytime I saw an empty paper I had the urge to draw on it. I couldn't stop and I loved doing it.  Sometimes I think this is the main reason why I started to write music in the first place - the white paper.

But then there are these other moments.... the paper stays white and suddenly there is a deadline. "Deadline" - beautiful word. It has something final, something epic.... it almost sounds like a gun is held against your head.

1. Make yourself content, happy, relaxed, euphoric. Do whatever it takes to achieve it and only write when you  are completely 100% relaxed.

2. Change your view of the surrounding world: Close your eyes and try to see - Try to taste something without actually tasting it - Try to listen to music that isn't really there.

3. Do something else that completely captures your attention. Don't be afraid to waste your time; you'll waste more time obsessing over the empty page.

4. Devise a riddle. This sounds stupid but it actually helps to fuel your creativity and give you a little push.

5. Steal.
I'm not talking about actually stealing musical themes or melodies, but start out with something famous and try changing it. In the end it will be so far away from the original, that there is basically no connection whatsoever.

This piece started out with an empty page:

And now the pages are filled with notes...


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