Montag, 11. Juni 2012


It's understandable. It's not too late to do it. It's not like it's late at night. And yet.... I wanna rip them into little pieces.... My landlord and his buddy are renovating and they are doing that at random hours, during random time intervals, but they're both louder than my Adam P11A. He started around 9:00 am. Again, I technically can't complain. Powerdrills, sawing, pushing, moaning, yelling.... then sudden silence. Around 13:15 the scream of an electric saw shoots through my apartment. 13:30 - sudden silence.  13:50 - hammering. Hammer, hammer, hammer until 14:30. It's even more disturbing when the hammering is slowly moving and then it's coming from the ceiling.

He's actually such a nice guy and he does most of the stuff himself.... and usually I don't mind... but today.... then deep at night I wake up from the crackling sound of a plastic bag, to find a mouse on top of my refridgerator. It was trying to gnaw it's way into the pasta. When we made eye contact it got scared and hid behind the fridge. I bought some non-deadly traps. I'm positive that we'll take a little trip together pretty soon...

I started working on a scene from Avatar (10 minutes). Roto Toms and Godzilla Hits from stormdrum - that's my answer to this fucking powerdrill and hammering bullshit. Maybe it'll scare the mouse away as well.

Gain - UP.


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