Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012


 "I'm here to add a lock. Are you alright with that?"

I look at him. 1,80 at least and strong built. My landlord said something about a locksmith coming by to "fix the locks". I don't know why they need fixing in the first place. I hesitate for a second. I hear the voice of my landlord in the background and decide to let the locksmith in. My gut is against it. He starts to work with a power drill on the upper part of the door. He isn't fixing the lock, he's adding one.

I heard stories about a guy living upstairs. He moved a couple of days ago because he stopped paying the rent. I closely watch the locksmith and observe what he does: He's adding a second lock to the upper doorframe. It's one way and can only be locked and unlocked from the outside. Now I know what that "fixing" is all about. I wonder if he really thinks that one day I will stop paying rent. But then again he adds the locks to every door now.

The locksmith. Something is wrong. My gut is telling me to be careful. I listen and observe. A hunch. He's around 50, well built. From the questions he asks and the answeres he gives I can assume he's fairly intelligent. And yet... something is off.... I hate it when I have to let people that I do not know into my room. Arnhem is famous for "night-raids" and I'm a little bit worried about my equipment. Most of them immediately check out my equipment and ask me what it is.... I usually answer with: "Ahh that's some old stuff I bought on a fair... got all this for 200 bucks, can you believe it?" But this guy doesn't give it a second look.

He's finished and just left my room. I check the new lock and wonder... I twist the key, once, twice and sit back down. Strange.


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