Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

On Land

"That's a hydra", he says. Shiny, dark, blue scales cover it's skin. I can't look away, I've never seen anything like this. 2 meter long, a mouth full of teeth, but only a single head. He's feeding it, stroking around it's black fins.. It seems to like him and a somber roar echoes through the woods.

"Why is it called hydra?" I still can't make sense of this and I want to know everything about it. He hesitates and smiles: "Because it has seven eyes." I look a little closer and there they are, as clear and blue as sapphires. A fish on land, moving like a viper. Strong, mighty, powerful - and... it's bleeding.

"What happened to it?" I don't want to get too close, even though I'm completely fascinated by it. He kneels and takes a closer look at the wound around it's neck. "Could have been a gryphon or something. They take what they can get around here."

"Maybe it was me" I look up into the sky. When I was 13 I got a ring from my father with the head of an eagle engraved on it. Eversince that day I made the gryphon my sigill. Some dreams end with me catching prey in my talons, tearing through the clouds... I feel sorry for this ... fish. Or is it a snake? I get a little closer to stretch out my hand. The hydra stares at it, then stares at me. A mouth full of sharp teeth and a flash of a second later - I am the prey.


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