Samstag, 2. Juni 2012


It's supposed to be 23 pounds, however it doesn't feel that heavy. I look ridiculous with this stage piano on my back - I love it though. It's Saturday night in Arnhem and the city's alive with drunk crowds and dressed up ladies. The stage performance in Nijmegen went amazing... enough time for the soundcheck, great atmosphere and a wonderful location. As I walk down the street, drunk people yell and mumble at me in Dutch, I don't understand a word they're saying, but I must be quite a sight for them with this thing on my back. It's twice as big as I am and I'm a little worried about my backpack and how long it will hold the weight...

I actually love doing this... finding your way through a strange city to get to a stage you were asked to play at.... with my dreams on my back and a song on my lips.

Life is good.


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