Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

Sunday Night

I'm on the balcony ... thumb and indexfinger are getting warmer, the joint's almost burned down. Cold night, dark grey sky and I'm watching a couple on the other side of the courtyard. Their drapes are open and you can spy into their living room. He kisses her neck, she likes it. I think they live together. I see some of his stuff in the livingroom but overall it looks like a girl's apartment. He won't let her go and apparently wants to sleep with her... she's not in the mood. I kind of feel sorry for the guy...

I go back inside. Wrote 20 pages of score today... with the performance yesterday and the work I did today, I'm exhausted, but I hesitate to admit it. "Amen" by Jewel is playing in the background. Repetition with Dianne v. Giersbergen tomorrow + 2 hours of conducting. My head is backwards and inside out. And slow...maybe too slow.

Time to go to bed...


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