Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Why Would Anybody Write A Blog?

While cruising through youtube I came upon some video blogs - horrific video blogs of "in-style" people debating about Lindsay Lohen and Paris Hilton... There was a video blog about a guy tasting different kinds of pizza, evaluating crust and "saltiness" of the salami.

So I watched this and I thought: "Oh oh... I'm just like them..." I have around 20-30 Dutch people reading this blog per day + some guys from other nations. You could say this is a small number, but most of these people I meet every day in class, so it's quite interesting after all.  I haven't really broadcasted this blog yet. Why? Well I'm a lazy person on the one hand. On the other hand: before you start going out into forums and interlinking it with youtube, you might wanna try to practice a little bit with a small audience.

With this small group of users I already managed to piss off two people really, really bad. I noticed that several producers and directors I was working with started to read it as well. They gained info on my style of work and amount of drug use in less than a day. I deleted all early posts and some recent ones, because I stumbled upon several lawfirms that actually looked through blogs like mine to find copyright protected material they could use to build a case against the creator.

But to give an answer to the earlier question: Because it's fun! I actually love writing! It's like this personal online therapy and you invite an audience to watch! And maybe, if I get my time management into order, maybe one day I will finish this album, which was the reason why I started writing this blog in the first place. Officially I have about 19 days left.


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