Montag, 2. Juli 2012

2 hours

I've finished a rough mix of the album, the Bachelor study and the audition material. In 2 hours it's all done and the 3rd year at ArtEZ is over. For the first time in weeks, there isn't a single sound in my head. It's like a static white noise that just keeps on buzzing silently. No music is playing, everything is pieceful and quiet.

I check the To-do-list for today one more time. I love these lists, because they fake a sense of certainty and security. It gives you the feeling that things can't go wrong, even through they do most of the time. The album isn't finished but it's good enough to reap the credits, but not good enough to publish it. I want to keep working on it this summer.... I want it to be perfect.

2 hours left.


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