Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Cartoon Voice Day

This is not a cartoon voice day. I am sure of it. I do not feel like it. Deep down inside I know it. There's this 1 minute manga animation in front of me and it's largely based on voice acting. Since I'm supposed to do the sounddesign I thought: "Hey, maybe just doing the foley and some ambience will be enough..." But now I see. It won't be enough. I'll have to do the voices. There are days where I actually love doing that stuff. There are days where I love to practice ridiculous toon voices with a mic.

Today is not one of these days. Today is a normal voice day. Today should be a stay-inside-work-on-the-album-day. Today should be a sleep-eat-drink-watch-Seinfeld-day. Today should be just a normal day. Maybe there's a middle way to all of this...


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