Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

Foley Spree

God I love doing this! Originally I had to do the SFX, Foley and Music for two student films, but one dropped out and another director dropped in, to give me two more animations to work on. So I spent today on an amazing film that may very well be the first video for "I'm A Stranger" .... if everything goes according to plan I can actually release my first music video...

The kid on the screen is building a plastic spaceship - he's cutting paper, so I'm cutting paper, he's throwing a box of stuff on the ground and so am I. I did 55 Foleys and 14 SFX today @.@  I smashed half of my living room and now I pray that the director is happy and lets me use his animation!

And now I just finished re-arranging "Occulta In Nocte" with East West's amazing Symphonic Choirs. Once I get this album off the ground it's gonna be amazing.


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