Samstag, 14. Juli 2012


It just came to me that everytime when I think about a dream or a house that I want to live in someday, the weather is always beautiful. Somehow I never picture it raining, or with a grey sky. When you think about the perfect woman, you never picture fighting with her, right? Once you start doing that, everything becomes a lot more realistic though.

Arnhem during the summer is fun. Everybody's gone and it's raining like hell. There's nothing stranger than coming back to an almost abandoned city. I have a pile of to-do lists on my desk, each one written on a different day. Where do the other guys get the time to take a 2 month summer vacation? I've got 2 student films, an 8 minute showreel scene and 5 songs to rework + another recording session somewhere before August.

I kind of feel bad for the musicians that helped me with the album, because I can't send them any music before I'm actually finished with it and I still don't have a layout, a label, a production plan or mastered them. So there's a lot of stuff to do.


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