Montag, 30. Juli 2012


Arnhem is a livingroom. Sofas are piling up at every street corner today. A couple of trucks will come by and pick them up in the evening. I pass them by and it's so tempting.... I just wanna throw myself into one of them and fall asleep.... yet I can't help but wonder, why they threw it out in the first place and so I look a little closer.  Some of them are ripped open, one of them is full of mice, another smells horrible... in front of me a livingroom table. Since I don't have one in my room I consider taking it with me, but I'm way too lazy today to carry this thing all the way back to my apartment.

24. This year has got to matter. This year I will do something, accomplish something. I tell that to myself every year and it's always half-true in the end. I guess it's normal that you get  your ass handed to you in the composer-profession. I keep listening to Hartog's "No Hero" in the morning. This song has a redeeming quality beyond compare. He asked me last year if it's really useful that I take lessons from him next year, because it could be that I may not learn as much anymore as I used to from him. I listen to this song and I doubt that somehow.

When it's your birthday you get a thousand people congratulating you on facebook. I always thought it was kind of lame, until yesterday. It's actually pretty nice, because it reminds you of all the amazing people you've met during your life. It's a little bit like the credits in the end of a movie.

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