Montag, 9. Juli 2012


Music History. I sit, I write, I struggle, I can't remember anything. Left and right people are writing their masterpieces of excellence...mine won't be so excellent... I'm sweating... It's a hot day outside and this is the last place that I want to be in...


He's handing me my paper, I got a 5,3. I failed. Everybody's cheering, their school year is over, but I have to do it again, and again and again.

I wake up.

In reality I never failed that exam. In fact I got an 8,3 on it, I checked my grades on the ArtEZ webpage before I fell asleep. Yet every other night I dream of failing an ArtEZ exam. How does our society work anyway, that we're way more scared of low numbers than of wild animals or ferocious beasts? Imagine someone living in the middle-ages, dreaming of running away from a gigantic 5.... I really need to relax, I only have a couple of days vacation left.


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