Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

The "After Work" Joint

This has become a little bit like a ritual - everytime I finish the score or the complete sounddesign of a movie I sit down on my balcony and blow away. I don't understand junkies or hipsters that smoke this stuff during the day. If there is  ever a right moment, then it's the one right after you finished something big, because it's the only time you can really, truly savor it.  Work for 8 hours or more and then you can really relax.

This joint is particularly satisfying, because I actually wrote 90% of the score for this German shortfilm with just two notes. Two frickin notes. D and E. They told me "Use less! Less is more!". And I did. And it was "more". Of course I tried a billion other combinations first, but I like this one the most.

Good times,


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