Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

The Swallow

It looks disgusting.... like a fleshy grey ball of meat, with a mouth as big as a door. I'm used to it by now. When you get swallowed by it, it'll bring you into one of the exercise chambers. I've done this so many times, but this time I'm disgusted by it... it breathes like a living organism - in and out - in and out - drooling, as if it was hungry. Right at this moment it hits me: I'm asleep. This "thing" isn't even here.

I can't believe it. This is the first time in my life that I can remember "the swallow", even though I've dreamed of him thousands of times. And there's no real reason to be afraid of this thing, it just looks incredibly disgusting. But you would think that something as bizarre as this, would stay in my memory for at least a little while after I'm awake. This just proves  once more how incredibly suggestive my sleeping mind actually is.

I walk towards it and hunch over to fit into his mouth. Saliva running down my face, over my eyebrows, into my ears....over my hair.... I'm soaked....dry lips close behind me.... it's warm all around me and I can hear this thing's heartbeat. Pumping away.... it's excited.... It doesn't have any teeth though... just a row of fleshy stumps along each side... one big "gulp"  ... just a little bit longer .... just a little bit longer ...

Dry clothes, dry hair - I'm standing inside one of the exercise rooms. Grey brick walls all around me, with white crystals hanging from the ceiling and random needles sticking out from underneath. In this room you train your flying skills.... just the same story.... I have actually practiced flying here, for so many years and this is the first time I can remember any of it. A voice inside my head is laughing: "Come on, did you think you could fly in your dreams without learning and practicing it first?"

Yea actually I did.


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