Montag, 16. Juli 2012


"Waves License center is our new easy-to-use activation system, ushering in an era of simplicty, flexibility, mobility and security"

The sentence alone cracks me up, but I wonder what if we would actually live in an era like that? Everything would be easy, simple, everything would work right away. The License Center wouldn't crash, the installer wouldn't crash either, I wouldn't send an album to Michiel Braam for evaluation that contains two horribly mixed and arranged songs. I would feel "secure" that I did a good job on everything and I would be mobile enough to cross the ocean and move to LA in an attempt to catch another gig at EA Games.

In an era like that, the wave- server surely wouldn't be offline and spit out 404s without end. I wouldn't have to download a 1GB Activation software that breaks as soon as the installation has reached 98%. The support would deliver amazing solutions and it would be fixed in less than a day.


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