Samstag, 4. August 2012


I can't sleep.

Didn't really do much today. I checked the mix for every album song and made adjustments. All in all maybe 2-3 hours of easy work. Yet I'm exhausted.

I went on facebook and saw the other people's posts. They're in Miami, Thailand, LA, Paris... everybody's going on vacation, posting pictures of their holidays and the sights.


Still awake.

I finished so much stuff over the summer... I sent it to the profs at ArtEZ but of course I'm not getting responses, because they're on vacation as well. The people downstairs had a couple of parties over the last few days. I remember how I sat on the balcony, smoking an "after-work-joint", watching them, wondering why I won't leave my sequencer for a day or two to get a break. Songwriting, mixing, arranging, I guess I just love figuring this stuff out.

I wrote a really nasty song about someone tonight. I probably can't publish it, so that's a shame. Or I'll have to change the name of the song completely. Otherwise I'll get another wave of hate-mails.


I know tomorrow around 14:00 pm I will be so horribly tired and there'll be so much stuff left to do...



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