Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

This one? Or that one?

I love shopping on mornings like these, when there's nothing going on and everyone else is at work. Should I take this one? Or that one? This friend of mine recently told me that I should stop judging people, because they feel it when you're close to them and it's not a nice thing to do.

I'm still not so sure which one I should take. I mean you kind of have to judge, when you're picking out tomatoes. These ones look way too red, and those over there have green spots all over them. I shouldn't be so picky.... just take some... wow, that's a pretty lady. At least from behind, I didn't get a look at her face yet. Great body, good posture, well dressed ... alright now let's head over to the salad bar to get a glimpse  of her face.

Meh. Not my type. She looks like these Hollywood girls with over-tan. Maybe this one's better. Ah come on man.... you're just looking at her because she's wearing hot pants. If she was wearing something else, you wouldn't even consider. But is that true? Are clothes really that powerful? Or am I really that superficial? Maybe the girl over there.... nahhh she's got a boyfriend. Well I learned that lesson pretty quickly....

Alright let's head over to the milk. Oh my god. Why do they have mirrors in these f**** freezers. I should have at least taken a short look in the mirror before I went out of the house this morning, I look like an unshaved ape. Alright - now, pick a cashier. The attractive model, or the slightly gay temp-jobber? If I go with the model, she will always remember the ape, but if I go with the temp-jobber he might eventually hit on me...maybe I should just wait around a little while until they open another counter?


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