Freitag, 31. August 2012

"We are the imagination of ourselves" by Bill Hicks 1992

What if sleep is an entity that comes to you in the night ... it makes your body feel heavy and your limbs grow numb. What if dreams are invisible creatures, that look for a consciousness to hatch in?

I just watched an entire lecture on neuroscience and the origin of consciousness by Christof Koch ( It was the first time I ever heard about the "Information Theory" that explains consciousness as a holistic interaction between a huge number of integrated nodes. I had to watch it twice, to at least understand a small amount of it. If this theory is true, than everything would carry at least a small amount of consciousness and brains simply have a much closer density of consciousness.

Some people that went through NDEs published interviews and statements on youtube of their experiences afterwards. Some of them describe their out-of-body experiences very differently than others. They say that the entire universe is full of beings and creatures that nobody sees. They talk about little demons that crawl around the necks of businessmen and invisible hands that choke people who suffer from asthma but get no relief from their medication.

A couple of friends that took hallucinogenic drugs told me about how they experienced the universe as a single consciousness. They said the mind of every human being is just like a window into the same house. But every perspective is different.

Some of the first Dzogchen monks were called "sky-gazers", because they meditated while lying outside looking at the clouds. They felt that the sky served as the perfect metaphor for the human mind, as it depicts cloud after cloud passing by like arising thoughts that disappear again after a short amount of time.

As much as I try to put all of this into a single understandable thought .... I can't. I feel something about this though. But I'm missing the words. What if there really is a universal explanation for all this stuff, but it simply cannot be communicated, because the explanation would have to use a non-dual language, free of distinction and separation?

Another Youtube Night is over..


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