Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Blue Eyes

I want to hide badly behind the bubbles, but they are gone so fast, I can barely reach them in time. She keeps watching me and it's ok. It's not like this girl will hunt me down or anything. It's just that I see the world in her eyes and that freaks me out sometimes. But I keep hiding underneath the surface, struggling with each shadow as it comes along. I keep asking them which way to go, but they never answer.

One night I felt the water so heavy on my skin, that I couldn't get up. Instead I dove into a world of dreams. Breathing in and out I spent my time surrounded by an ocean of colors and stars. The headlights of submarines above my head, I took her hand and we danced all night to the songs of whales. Only the pearls on my skin were still there when I woke up.


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