Sonntag, 16. September 2012


So my parents opened up a fish-farm. They bought several races I had never seen before. Among them a swimming porcupine, that bit me every time I had to carry it from one pool to the next. I tried solving a murder case but I got caught up in bigger politics. And I think for a good while, I was my little nephew and I saw the world through his eyes.When you're a baby you don't think that you're going to grow up one day, all you know is that they are big and you are small. And that sucks.

So now I've slept for 12 hours and I'm beyond exhausted. Imagine... sleep is supposed to be the equivalent of rest. I remember how I was carrying a "walking fish" from one pond to the next, but they just kept walking back. My Dad said: "No! You're doing it wrong! You don't understand me! ... ahhh you don't want to understand me!" It didn't even seem odd to me that I had a pool of hybrids in front of me... all I remember is getting horribly mad. The swimming fish in the other pond had this big smile on their face....

What about dreams that haven't happened yet? You dream one part of the story and you know that as soon as you fall asleep you are going to dream the second part, but it's a nightmare and you really need to go to the bathroom right now! So yesterday I came back and tried to keep myself awake by turning on the lights and drinking some juice, but as soon as I  went back to bed the entire setting unfolded. As if it was saved on a hard drive and reloaded when I shut my eyes.

I was at the bus station near my old school and somebody was calling for help but I had no idea where the screaming came from. It was night time and only few people were left on the street. This shook me up for a bit, until I woke up and realized, that the danger I felt came from my neighbors sub-woofer, and the screaming girl was actually just a drunk party chick.

I'm still exhausted though.


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