Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Experiences During Mastering

Jesus Christ... I don't know what to do. I knew that if I cut out the lows, the pop sound of the mic would finally be gone, and now the voice sounds like paper.... "Stranger" sounds beautiful though. Why can't they all sound like "Stranger". So open, so clear, so well defined in the upper frequencies...

Hmmm... well ... Limiter is in, EQs are set... I think I didn't overdo it... let's check. Yup it works. Now what? Hmm... google... top 20 tips on mastering .... youtube: mastering workout....

Jesus they all say the same thing:
- Limiters
- EQs
- Enhancers
- Personal Preferences
- But not too much!

Alright, I'll just listen to it again. Wait I'll get my coffee first. Huh? If I stand over here, then there's a weird frequency in the cello, but if I sit down at the desk the frequency is gone.... what the fuck... alright stand over there again and slowly, very sloooowly move towards the desk. Hmmm.... must be a standing wave in here... the speakers aren't perfectly placed anyway... what if I stand over there? Nope... nothing....

Alright so we've got seven songs that sound like they belong together. We've got one song that's completely out of tune, but the emotions are perfect, and I fell in love with the take, so I'll leave it like it is. We've got another song that uses a completely different Reverb and will unfortunately never be a part of the album family, no matter what I'll do with it.... and we've got another song that's just plain weird, but I don't know what it is....

Maybe it was the god damn frequency again... hey maybe there's another one in this room.... I should check the sound situation with some other music material.... let's see ... Hartog, Sia, Peter Gabriel, show me what you've got... Jesus, they really put some hardcore limiters on Hartog's album. But it sounds amazing and from the music itself you wouldn't notice it, but the master meter reveals the limiting. Strange. Sia uses excessive panning... I never noticed that before. How they all deal with their voice is fascinating... now back to my stuff.

Hey it doesn't sound that bad. It might even hold up with all the other songwriter mixes. But something is still missing ... I wonder what it is...


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