Montag, 3. September 2012

Happy People

For some reason I've been feeling incredibly enthusiastic for the last couple of days and I'm getting a little suspicious. Why? Because every wonderful thing in life is usually followed by a completely unexpected disaster.

I noticed that it takes a certain kind of courage to show you're happy. Your enthusiasm might be smashed by the next guy on the street, who doesn't share it or it might dissolve on it's own. As long as you're angry, stressed, unhappy, you think you've got less to lose and you're completely unaware of the things that you could lose any second. Anger can create a perfect illusion of safety.

And we all know that happy people can be incredibly annoying.... They can be nerve-wrecking....always so enthusiastic about every little detail.... smiling, dancing, joking, like a bunch of little elves on valium getting laid..

And now for some reason, I'm the enthusiastic guy, writing crazy 8-bit music every night like a dwarf on prozac. S.M

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