Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Louis CK

I'm a generally calm, peaceful guy. And I rarely get angry at stuff, but I'm watching the last episodes in season 3 of "Louis" online and I find myself cursing profanities at his ex-wife.

"Louie, nobody needs a father that much, the girls will be just fine with me." I have never reacted this strongly to a TV screen... I mean come on! It's a story, it's not real, it's made up. These are actors, portraying stuff that may or may not have happened in Louis' life. This one time where his sister came over and started to curse about Louis' ex, I was amazed, because since Louis CK writes the script, he had just gotten away with cursing his ex (which he never does in the series).

"Louie, nobody needs a father that much..." I had to pause and curse at the screen for a minute. I can't even finish the story right now because I'm so mad at his ex. I literally had to stop and write a blog post first....

Completely ridiculous. Gonna keep watching it though.

It's good stuff.


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