Sonntag, 23. September 2012


Ok, First it was funny, then it was a little annoying and now it's just .... enough. I'm empty. I have no ideas. Literally no ideas. Zero. Nada. Niente. And music-wise I know that this can happen for periods up to 3 weeks. Normally you just have to work through it, because there are a thousand things, like mixing that are mechanical and don't need any creativity whatsoever.

But now I'm sitting here, trying to write an assistant resume for the 3 big Hollywood agencies to apply for an internship at one of their composers .... and I've got nothing. Every idea I have is ridiculous... I need a title for this resume, a catchy one, that stands out in a good way.... but the only ideas I have are offensive jokes:

"Crazed monkey looking for work."

"I put the ass into assistant"

"If you can't handle it, give me a try"

"Nobody's perfect, not even you"

"Let's settle the score"

Hey the last one might actually be something .... raaahhhhh... yesterday I thought: "Hey, I have no ideas. Let's put a guitar amp on that piano. Nice. Let's put another one on that bass." I ended up writing a rock song, screaming into my mic at one point. This song sucks, as I found out just a couple of minutes ago. You only hear it the morning after you wrote it. During writing it all sounds great.

Let's try some more headlines:

"Get some help. You know you need it"

"Can't someone else do it?" (Simpsons)

YES, that's it!

God I love this blog!!! Bouncing back ideas works like a charm!!!


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