Montag, 24. September 2012

The Girl With The Long Braid Hair & The Bird

I've seen her here before. Like a thousand times. I know she's married, but it doesn't make a difference. Her hair goes down to her knees and every time she smiles at me I hate myself for not putting a move on her. She was behind me at the check out counter ... but what am I going to say to her?

"Hey lady. You have beautiful hair. Really the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. However I know that you have a husband and even if you didn't have one, I would fear the day that you would decide to cut your hair short again. My gut is telling me that this day will come and that's why I'm not hitting on you right now. Sorry."

I leave the store without a word and curse myself for it. There is this gorgeous woman, who keeps smiling at me every time I see her, and I'm too much of a pussy to try something.

On my way home I see a cat lying on the side of the road. I don't know if it is alive, but it's paw is playfully reaching out for something, so I figure that the cat's fine. Not a meter away a bird is sitting next to it, apparently unable to move. The cat isn't even trying to catch it, for him it's just a fun little game. Trying to hop away, the cat is right behind him. I step in.

The cat playfully bites the birds neck and carries him away. I slowly walk after them and the cat let's him go for a little bit, to chase him along the sidewalk. I scare off the cat and carefully put the little bird into my hands. In my entire life I have never carried a more fragile thing. As far as I know he might as well have suffered a heart attack. First a lion is after him and now a giant.

I carry him through the city. On my way home I notice an empty court, completely covered in ivy and grass. It was raining all day so I figure that some worms have to be around here on the surface. I set him on the ground and say my farewell. He hops away. I walk back home, but as soon as I get around the corner I miss the little guy.


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