Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012


I wake up and there is this strange atmosphere in my room. When I open the window, everything is dead silent and the sky is grey. Born all over again. Worked til 1:00 am last night and I'm making good progress, but I can't shake this eery feeling. My room looks like a set in a theater play... all the equipment.... just props... the air is thick. Ever since the radiator broke I stopped opening the window at night, otherwise I would freeze to death.

I make cappuccino and pour some white milk into it. Got some Facebook emails. They are always happy, wherever they are. Isn't that strange? You open up the main Facebook page and everybody's dancing, singing, going on stage, reaping applause... on some level it's beautiful, but I can't see the beauty in it this morning. I wonder if I could change the Facebook background to "grey".

When I start to work on the film scenes they gave me, my body is flooded with adrenalin. With this gigantic session in front of me... I love to write that first note, the note that can start it all. Don't know which note it will be today.... maybe it'll just be a Storm Drum atmosphere anyway... But most of the time it's a chord, sometimes it's someone else's chord, because I need to make style-fakes for a director.

Can you hear that? Dead silence. Not for long anyway.


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