Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

Scoring the Mass effect Trilogy Trailer

I had it in my email this morning. Like a crazed maniac I threw myself on the sequencer.... I did the time map in less than an hour and now, ten hours later I wonder if maybe I should eat something. No feeling of hunger, no thirst, nothing. During breaks I listen to pop music so my ears don't get used to these standard trailer orchestration sounds, because when you work on it for longer than an hour you'll think everything sounds amazing.

1:37, That's the magic number. I always wondered how much I could orchestrate in one day. I already know that tomorrow I'll wake up and erase 60% of what I did today, but I may get a new cut by then anyway so it doesn't matter.

This feels like an endless, amazing roller-coaster-ride. God I love this job.


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