Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

The Secret

Alright. Here I go. I wasn't gonna tell anybody....

I was asked to score a prominent trailer by Electronic Arts last night. Tomorrow I'll get the first material so I can start working on it. And because the Editing Manager of EA mentioned that I should work on my string sound a little bit more, I'm browsing facebook for musicians to create a hybrid mockup. I can even pay them. I have the budget for it.

And there are these amazing musicians, with websites that do not work, or with non-existent websites. Or with out of date websites, or with horrible Youtube quality recordings..... for the first time in my life I'm standing on the hiring side of the table... this one girl even left the country because they offered her the lead part in a movie. Now she posted pictures of her and two old dirty men left and right.... this poor girl has to fake that she likes them in order to keep working there. If she hadn't left the country in the first place, I would put 200$ on the table for her right now.

All the previous musicians I have worked with are amazing. I know they are amazing, because they were here in my studio and did an amazing job, but I can't use them for this project, because the instrumentation is completely different. I need strings and an extremely high pitched, clean, crystal clear, vibrato-free, classically trained voice.

Everything is ready - I set up the session, I set up the temp tracks including time-maps, I set up individual sound-fields to imitate the original score.

I'm playing the game to get into the feeling and it pulls me away into it's own universe.

With all my heart I love my job. I just gotta find the right musicians. And soon.


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