Mittwoch, 21. November 2012


I flew across Manhattan. Literally ... I was sitting in a helicopter looking down on one of the most amazing places I have ever seen in my whole life. While walking down Wall Street I found an awesome coffee shop. I sat down and watched guys in black suits buy mini-decaf-cappuccinos, listening to them talk about the stock market in a French accent. This city is crazy... everything is gigantic and without limits and yet comfortable. Manhattan feels like a giant living room: they even give you a TV screen at Times Square and Indian food in the village.

You can do anything, anywhere... I always thought that this whole ''New-York-Freedom-Thing'' was American superstition but now that I'm actually here, experiencing it, breathing it in and out while riding the Staten Island Ferry during sunset, I can feel it ... I totally understand why so many people tried to immigrate into New York.

Wanna go to Times Square? Just take the subway and you're there in 5 minutes. Wanna eat authentic Asian food? Just take the subway to Chinatown and you're there in 5 minutes. Wanna see the best musicals in the whole world? Just walk down Broadway and pick one among thousands. Wanna ask someone from Wall Street how the stock market is doing? Just sit down near that coffee shop over there and strike up a conversation with one of them.

On my way back, I stopped at Columbia University. Beautiful campus, but after 5:00 pm you really don't want to stick around in Harlem anymore. I saw a college girl run through the nearby park, because it's apparently an infamous place for robberies during the evening hours.

I'll be living here someday. I already know that much. No idea when it will happen though... could be in 5 months, could be in 3 years... let's just see where this crazy life will take me.


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