Sonntag, 18. November 2012


I hear the siren first. Then the shapes of a manhatten apartment. White walls, a white desk and a white lamp. The other guys are still asleep. I take a shower and sit down to eat some cornflakes in the kitchen before I head out to Times Square. Harlem is a strange place after all...

On my way to the subway I cross street after street, following New Yorkers wherever I go. Every street is big enough for 4 tracks and the New Yorkers know when to go and when to stop. A girl on the sidewalk holds out her hand, calling for a cab and as it rushes towards her I leap aside. All the while Louis CK is my invisible tour-guide... every joke he did about New York is resonating in my head.

Times Square killed me. I just sat there for I-don't-know-how-long, watching giant billboards and flashing lights. I had to think of the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer made a deal with marlboro to get his face on one of the billboards at Times Square. This place is huge. Tom told me that if I always gazed into the sky while walking, I would look like a tourist ... well ... how do you walk through downtown Manhatten for the first time not doing that? They're just blocks... I wanna see where they end.

The world trade center is a silent construction site. People talk and babble everywhere in Manhatten, but here you can hear a needle drop. It doesn't look special... it's just a construction site. But there's a movie in my head replaying 9/11 when I stand there, and when I look around it's almost as if everyone else has that same image in their heads as well.


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